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TouchTunes JukeBox | More Music Inc | SCMore Music, Inc. is one of the southeast’s largest operators of Touch Tunes digital jukeboxes. With over two million songs in their music library, More Music, Inc. can custom-tailor a 2000-song music selection to meet your music needs. In most cases installation is free of charge and all ASCAP, BMI and SAPSC license fees are paid through the Touch Tunes license as long as the Jukebox is your only source of music.


The new Allegro teams the #1 downloading digital jukebox with BOSE, the #1 name in sound, for an unmatched interactive music experience.


Allegro JukeBox | More Music Inc | SCDear Business Owner,

Over the decades music jukeboxes have generated extra revenue for businesses. Today that is easier than ever! With the introduction of digital music supplied by More Music, Inc. you have at your fingertips over 2000 preloaded songs covering every genre imaginable and an additional 700,000 songs updated daily.  Also, Bose’s unparalleled sound quality allows every song to perform at its peak in any environment.

All of our equipment is offered on a commission basis, which will mean INSTANT PROFITS for your business.  You have NO EXPENSE.  Even adding a sound system or incorporating your existing sound system into this new digital jukebox is included. And the jukeboxes are play and advertising ready to generate additional income. Other opportunities for more revenue include WiFi options and personal patron playlists at myTouchTunes.com.

You can manage and monitor all your Touch Tunes from your office or home computer without leaving your comfy chair. The online Operator Dashboard affords not only management but also fewer service calls with the remote diagnostics feature.

Take advantage today of this easy to use and manage source of additional income for your business.


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With over 40 years of experience in the music and amusement provider business, More Music Inc. is SC’s choice for jukeboxes, digital jukeboxes, jukebox rental, coin-operated jukeboxes, jukebox leasing & Touchtunes jukeboxes.