Skill Crane

A proven moneymaker in many different venues!

Skill Crane | More Music Inc | SCA proven moneymaker in many different venues, the skill crane amusements are available at no cost to you and filled with a custom product to maximize your profits.  The cranes we operate are perfect as candy cranes, plush cranes, bean bag cranes, or jewelry cranes!

Customers are drawn to the bright, attractive decal package, lighting, and sounds.  Our cranes fit through standard doorways as well! Call today for details.


This product is bound to be a valuable and profitable addition to your business.  All of our equipment is offered on a commission basis, which will mean INSTANT PROFITS for your business, you have NO EXPENSE!

More Music, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in Greenville, SC in the game and music business and if you have any interest or questions, please call More Music at 864.228.3882 .


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With over 40 years of experience in the music and amusement provider business, More Music Inc. is SC’s choice for skill crane amusements, skill crane games, skill crane machines, skill crane rentals and skill crane leasing.